Saturday, September 15, 2007

ARGH! I be the birthday wench!

I recently learned that next Wednesday is national talk like a pirate day. Since my birthday was coming up, I jokingly commented to my kids that I wanted everyone to talk like a pirate on my birthday.

So that's how it came about that I was greeted this morning by Young Son, who declared loudly- Argh! It be your birthday!

That was followed by breakfast provided for me by my sweet husband who got up early and went to Stacks to buy me the special pancakes that I missed out on with my Bible Study group.

I was also in charge of a local outreach/service project for our church today. After 20 members of our congregation spent 3 hours washing windows and scrubbing lunch tables at a local elementary school, we ended up at Togo's for lunch where everyone sang happy birthday to me. They attempted to sing it like pirates- although some were better at it than others... I almost fell off my chair laughing at Pastor G- who's attempt at pirate singing sounds like Popeye meets Captain Hook!

So, I think I'm going upstairs now to take a birthday nap (a very pirate-y thing to do!). Later we'll go to dinner and then come home for cake and presents. Maybe later we'll watch a pirate movie- if only could think of a good one other than the obvious.