Friday, September 14, 2007

And I didn't even know I had an Arnold's nerve!

Anyone who knows me at all can attest to the fact that if there is any type of statistical anomaly, it usually happens to me, or a member of my family. So it's not all surprising to discover that I am in the 0.6% of people with Arnold's nerve sensitivity.

!!!Warning- bodily excretions discussed below!!!

!!!Stop reading here!!!

OK- I did warn you tho... So anyway, I was cleaning my ears with a Q-Tip this morning when I wondered why it always makes me gag and cough. Leave it to google to provide this answer.

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C's Page said...

What if you only half gag and cough, does that mean I might be 0.12%?????

I'm going to have to pay attention now, I know I feel it in the back of my throat when I clean my ears, but am curious if a reaction occurs.