Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This morning kicked off a new year for my TAMBS group (Tuesday AM Bible Study). A relative newcomer to the group, I am starting my 6th year. Over the past few years we have studied John, Luke, Isaiah, Romans, Galatians, and several topical studies by the likes of Beth Moore and Nancy Missler.

We always begin our year with a potluck brunch or by going out to a restaurant. Today we were meeting at Stacks for breakfast and to receive our new study books Genesis.

After dropping kids off at school, I drove to the restaurant. I couldn't remember if we were meeting at 9:00 or 9:30, but I had a book to read in case I ended up having to wait. When I arrived I checked with the host who said that we were on the list for 10:30...

I thought that was an odd time for us to meet. So, I went back out to my car to call T, our TAMBS leader, but my cell phone was dead. I was going to wait around because I thought it was probably 9:30, but then I started second guessing myself thinking maybe it really was for 10:30.

So after convincing myself that we were meeting at 10:30, I decided I had time to come home to pick up my car charger for my cell phone (I was supposed to touch base with J when we were done) When I got home, I double checked my calendar and discovered that it really was for 9:30! Of course, by then it was already 10:00 and I didn't want to go back late...

So I was bummed that I missed out on my favorite lumberjack pancake, and I'll have to pick my book up from T's house tomorrow. Other than that I'm really excited about this study. I read Genesis in my Bible over the summer and am currently reading Walking the Bible to get me in the mood.


Llama Momma said...

I already visited your blog once today, but wanted to visit again to pump up your sitemeter! ;-)

love ya!

Frazzmom said...

Gee... Thanks!