Monday, March 31, 2008

Boom! And a note to future self...

This morning I was heating some water in our recently repaired microwave for my coffee. Then, in the course of getting all the kids out of the door, I promptly forgot about it... So after getting 2 out of 3 kids out of the door, I again heated the water by re-starting the microwave for 2 more minutes.

I settle down to my laptop at the kitchen table while waiting for my water to heat (again!) when Teenage Son and I heard a muffled Boom! I quickly turned around to see what appeared to be white smoke wafting from my microwave. We ran over to open the door and discovered that the previously mentioned white smoke was actually steam and that my water had evidently exploded in the microwave. This being made evident by the sight of water dripping from the sides, ceiling, and the inside of the door of said microwave.

Note to future self- do NOT reheat water in the microwave. Doing so may cause said water to superheat!

On the upside- the microwave is now the cleanest it has ever been (after wiping the steaming water out with paper towels). And yes- it still works!



Llama Momma said...

I got an electric kettle for christmas and LOVE it. I can heat my water up in a minute -- quick cocoa for the kids and a cup of tea for me! LOVE it.

Heating water in the microwave sounds dangerous!!

After a cup of coffee said...

At least it's clean and in working order, lol!