Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well- at least my kids are healthy...

J is gone overnight at a soccer tournament in Redding- about 4 hours from here. So of course, since he's gone, someone had to get sick. And this weekend that 'someone' would be Jade, the cat.

Evidently it started this afternoon while I was outside reading my Bible. That was when I heard Teenage Daughter and Young Son arguing over who was going to 'clean that up'. Thinking one of the cats had hacked up a hairball- I came inside to deal with it... Only what I found instead was vomit.

Cat vomit.

Not knowing which of our twin, black cats was responsible- I cleaned it up, hoping that was the end of it... But, my hopes were in vain. So now, 3 vomiting sessions later, we have determined that it's Jade who is not feeling well. So I cleared our downstairs powder room out, put in a spare litter box, a towel, some water, and some dry food- and closed her in until whatever it is passes (don't worry- I checked on her frequently).

She was being fairly quiet in there until a few minutes ago when I heard a lot of thumping. I went over to see what was going on and saw this-

Evidently- she got tired of resting and managed to knock over the TP tower that I had placed just outside the door. Of course once she'd knocked it over the next logical thing to do was to begin shredding it... Because really, what else would any self respecting kitty do?


An update- Jade only stayed in the powder room for a couple of hours, since there was no more vomiting we let her out. She seems to be feeling better now...

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hockeygirl said...

Poor Jade. Our cats have all gone through periods of throwing up and it's usually nothing. Always causes worry though! Once you locked her in the bathroom, she knew she better stop!