Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of chicken broth and fruit juice...

J and I are participating in 'school of discipleship' at our church. Basically it's a one year intensive program designed to help you go deeper with God. We meet Sunday nights for a two hour long class, memorize assigned Scriptures, read an assigned book each month, and do occasional projects. Each month has a different focus- January's focus is prayer.

Today all the participants embarked on a three day fast. Specifically- no food beginning last night after dinner and ending when we will all eat together on Saturday evening after spending the day in solitude. Just so you don't worry- the fasting part is up to the individual, some folks who can't fast food are fasting other things like TV, etc.

J and I are going with clear fluids only. So clear juices, water, tea, broth, etc. are all OK. So far it's going well, but there are two things I'm noticing-

1. I never noticed how many different food smells there are when I'm out running errands... Suddenly everything smells good- even food I wouldn't normally eat.

2. I have peed more today than I usually do in a week! TMI- I know, but I just had to say it...


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