Monday, September 3, 2007

An up and coming haircutter?

Today we returned from our annual church camp-out near Loma Mar. It's always a great weekend where I spend lots of time catching up and chatting with friends, while all three of my kids entertain themselves playing in the woods, splashing in the creek, or poking sticks in the fire...

This year I was chatting my my friend, J, who is also my hairdresser. She looked at Young Son as he passed by and asked- where did you get his hair cut?

I reply that he got a cut at the local $8 haircut joint last spring and hasn't had it cut since.

His bangs have been trimmed, she replies- Look how much shorter they are.

Suddenly I realized that, yes, his bangs are a lot shorter than the rest of his hair. So I asked Young Son, who informed me that he trimmed them himself before school started- a whole week ago!

Yes- you read correctly. My 10 year old son cut his own hair and I didn't even notice. There goes that Mother of the Year award again!

I do have to say, however, that he did a pretty good job. He still needs a professional haircut before school pictures are taken, but overall it looks OK.

If this schooling thing doesn't work out, maybe he has a future at Supercuts...

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hockeygirl said...

I must say that is HILARIOUS!!