Thursday, September 6, 2007

A 30 hour flight? Bring it on!!!

Somehow, I had deluded myself into thinking that things were going to settle down a little bit once the kids went back to school. But with soccer, cross country, school meetings, prepping for our trip to Africa, church events etc, the opposite seems to be true.

Last night was the perfect example- Young Son had soccer practice from 5:30-7:00. Teenage Son had cross country practice after school until 5:30, followed by a BBQ. There was a cross country parent meeting at 7:30. All the kids needed to be at church by 7:00 for youth group and the Spot (children's ministries' Wednesday night program). Added to all that was the normal load of homework and figuring out how to feed everyone dinner.

By the end of the night, J and I were both exhausted! Unfortunately, the next few weeks don't look any better.

I'm starting to really look forward to the 30 hour plane trip to Tanzania at the end of the month... It will be the most rest I'll get this month!

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