Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The one about the Starbucks barista...

I have been running around like crazy lately- what with three kids at three different schools, getting ready for our upcoming trip to Africa, and general life. It's all definitely catching up to me and today I needed a serious caffeine fix.

So after dropping Teenage Daughter off at the orthodontist for her appointment after school, I ran across the street to Starbucks. Approaching the counter to order my drink, I debated whether I wanted to go for straight caffeine via an americano or if I wanted some flavor in the form of a chai latte.

Still debating the merits of each beverage, I asked the cashier how much caffeine is in a venti chai latte... It was at this point that the barista possibly changed my life forever by asking-

Have you ever tried your chai latte with an espresso shot? It adds an extra depth of flavor and doubles the caffeine.

He then offered to make one for me to taste. If I didn't like it, he would remake it sans espresso and refund my money... It seemed like a win-win, so I placed my order for a venti non-fat chai latte, no water, with an espresso shot.

All I can say is- this drink could change my life.

Seriously, I need to go back to that Starbucks and find out that barista's name because he is my new best friend.

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afteracupofcoffee said...

If they were finished building our Starbucks I would be on the road RIGHT NOW to go try it. Unfortunately, I will have to wait weeks, nay, months.

Enjoy a few more for me!