Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just hangin' out, doin' nothin'

About an hour ago, my husband pointed out to me that I have not posted anything in several days. It's definitely the longest lapse that I've had since I started blogging. Not only have I not had time to write, I haven't even had time to read. As a matter of fact, I haven't had time to do much of anything.

Except shop and pack for Africa.

And spend 7 hours sitting in the rain at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco cheering Teenage Son's cross country team on.

And spend time with the rest of the Africa team packing team bags and going to Ethiopian food for our team dinner.

And going to church.

And calling Bank of America to figure out why they flagged and blocked my debit card.

And calling United Airlines repeatedly to try to figure out if we should check in at the domestic or international counter at SFO. And how early do we need to arrive? And trying to get the seating arranged so that I can sit next to my husband (instead of a total stranger) for the 20+ hours of flight time en route to Tanzania. And trying to figure out if we can get all our team supplies checked through without going over on our baggage allowance.

And all the normal household duties like laundry and cooking.

And going to our storage unit to get the travel gear out.

And sending many, many email to various people to take care of all the details that need to be covered while we are gone

And having meetings at church.

And driving kids to all their normal activities like soccer practice, play dates, study sessions etc.

Really- as you can see, I haven't really been busy at all...

I just keep thinking about how I can't wait to board that flight on Friday evening so that I can rest!


Llama Momma said...

praying for you today...

Frazzmom said...

Thank you Llama Momma!