Thursday, September 20, 2007

100th Post!

I was so excited yesterday when I realized that my 100th post was going to coincide with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What could be better?!! So it was with great excitement that I began editing and transforming my 100 Random Things About Me into Ahoy, Me hearties! It Be 100 Things About Me!

It was only after an hour or so of editing that I stopped to redo the math and realized that it was only my 99th post. Yeah, that math thing comes back to bite me once again...

So anyway, having said all that- I now present to you, in the grand tradition of 100th blog posts-

100 Random Things About Me

1. I am violently allergic to raw apples
2. I am not allergic to cooked apples
3. I spoke Cantonese as a child, but have since forgotten it all
4. I have two wedding anniversaries
5. I have been married to the same man for 16 years
6. I have only had one wedding
7. My favorite cake flavor is yellow with chocolate frosting
8. I have been a stay at home mom for 15 years
9. I love Kettle brand salt and vinegar potato chips
10. I don’t like cilantro or anise
11. I lived in 9 different houses before high school graduation
12. I want to travel to every continent before I die
13. I have been to N America, Europe, Asia, and Africa
14. My favorite kind of pie is lemon meringue
15. I have a fascination with Mt Everest
16. I wear a size 10 shoe
17. Before children, I wore a size 9 shoe
18. I have a small flower tattoo on the inside of my right foot
19. I got the tattoo when I was 29- it was a pre-pre-midlife crisis
20. I don’t regret getting a tattoo, but I won’t be getting another
21. It didn't hurt, but it itched like crazy for weeks afterwards
22. I am a cat person
23. I am not a dog person
24. I think dogs are too needy
25. I take my coffee black
26. I also drink tea- usually black
27. I love music and listen to almost any style
28. I love my Itunes account
29. I love Sharpies and usually have one with me
30. I also carry a Tide stain pen, unfortunately by necessity
31. My cell phone ring is the Raiders of the lost Ark theme song
32. I love The Amazing Race, but would never be on the show
33. I am prone to motion sickness when I have jet lag
34. I serve as the mission director at my church
35. I am returning to Tanzania next week on another mission trip
36. We're laying over in Dubai, but won't get to sightsee
37. I would like to go sightseeing in Dubai
38. I collect spoons when I travel
39. It began when I inherited 4 of my Great-Grandmother's spoons
40. I now have 41 spoons
41. I am a Disneyland season pass holder- even tho' we live 6 hours away
42. I enjoy camping with my kids
43. I love disaster movies- The Core, Deep Impact etc
44. I also love action movies- True Lies, the Bourne movies, etc
45. I am a closet trekkie- especially TNG and Voyager
46. I won't drink coffee it if it has oxidized
47. I am not as picky about the brand of coffee I drink
48. I don’t drink mochas or flavored latte’s
49. I do like venti, non-fat, no water, chai lattes with an add shot
50. My favorite coffee shop chain is Peets
52. My favorite ride at Disneyland is Soarin’… Or Peter Pan…
53. Or Small World… Or the Submarines…
54. Or Splash Mountain… Or Pirates of the Caribbean
55. I DO NOT LIKE the Tower of Terror
56. I have never had a cavity or a broken bone
57. I grind my teeth in my sleep and have to wear a night guard
58. I have dental phobia
59. I had 14 tooth extractions PLUS wisdom teeth as a child
60. I like slightly burnt popcorn
61. I also like Cajun grilled cheese sandwiches (AKA burned)
62. I always read the column on the last page in a magazine first
63. My best color is fuscia
64. My favorite soda flavors are grape and crème soda
65. I am not a breakfast eater- unless we go out…
66. I enjoy trying new ethnic restaurants
67. My favorite thing about camping is the campfire
68. I usually come home with all my clothes smelling like smoke.
69. I am a little OCD about a few things- like eating M&M’s by color
70. I am afraid of falling and dying
71. I like going to hockey and baseball games
72. I would enjoy soccer games if I understood the offsides rule
73. I would choose salty snacks over sweet almost any day
74. My favorite perfume is Imari- made by Avon
75. My favorite ice cream is vanilla
76. My favorite scent is lemon
77. I love scented candles
78. I don’t like how hotel rooms smell
79. When I stay in a hotel I bring a scented candle and matches
80. I love to get manicures
81. I don’t care for pedicures
82. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story
83. I love Christmas music and will listen to it year round
84. My all time favorite Christmas song is The Holly and the Ivy
85. I graduated from high school in 1987
86. I just had my 38th birthday
87. My oldest son is 15
88. My daughter is 13
89. My youngest son is 10
90. My older children have passed me up in math
91. I love to read
92. My favorite genre is historical fiction or biography or fiction
93. My favorite animal to view in the wild, is a giraffe
94. I have seen a lioness stalk and kill a gazelle while on safari
95. I enjoy customer service type jobs
96. I like knowing that I can fix someone else’s problem
97. I don’t go to the library because we never return books on time
98. We spend a lot of money at Barnes and Noble
99. I've stopped coloring my hair and am OK with going gray
100. As the mother of two teenagers (one whom is visually impaired) and a 10 year old with attention issues- I have earned every one of those gray hairs!

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