Monday, September 24, 2007

From one mom to another...

People keep asking me if I'm ready to leave for Africa on Friday. Each time I'm asked, I answer with a confident...


I haven't even started packing yet (well I do have a pile in the middle of the living room that I toss stuff into- when I think of it). Actually, since this is my 3rd mission trip to Tanzania since 2004, I pretty much have all the stuff and know what to pack- so that part is OK.

The hard part of leaving is the prep required for home. You see, in the past I have gone on trips during the summer and we have just sent the kids to my mom and dad's house in Idaho. This time, since school is back in session, my mom is coming here to stay. Since she is only down here once or twice a year (and usually during school vacations) she doesn't know the daily routines. So I need to write it all down for her.

Write down everything that I would do for the next two weeks that is. Things like drop off and pick up at all three schools... Soccer practice... Game schedules... Game locations... Cross country practices... Cross country meets... Church events... Dentist appointments... Carpool information... School picture day... Middle school and high school late start mornings... Elementery school early release days... Parent/teacher conference schedule...

If you're a mom, you know what I'm talking about.

Oh- and then there's the unexpected... Like which ER do we use? Who is the kid's pediatrician? Who are their specialists? What to do if Teenage Daughter continues struggling in her Algebra class? Who to call in a plumbing emergency? Where do we take our cars for service if my mom breaks down or gets a flat? Names and numbers of family friends to call in case of emergency?

So please pray for me as we prepare to leave.

And if you could continue praying while we are gone- that would be great too.

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