Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gone phishing?

I've gotten a whole slew of weird e-mails from "e-Bay" over the last two days...

It started with a couple with titles in German. I'm not really sure what they say, but the words "PlayStation" and "game boy" are decipherable.

They were followed by-

message from eBay member (same email sent 5 times in a row)


TKO NOTICE- Compromised Accounts- A28 password reset- follow instructions immediately!

and lastly...

TKO NOTICE- eBay registration suspension

Now I'm pretty up on this kind of stuff, and being somewhat of a news junkie- I immediately became suspicious that this might be a case of phishing. I deleted all the emails without opening, but I have to admit the last two worried me a little...

What if my E-Bay account really has been cancelled? How will I buy out of print Cd's? What if I suddenly need a piece of gum chewed by Elvis? In short- how will I survive? On the other hand, what would I do if someone stole my personal information- including credit card numbers?

Guess I'll just have to survive without the gum.

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