Wednesday, August 27, 2008

M is for Mom, but L is for Loser!

Young Son is not a big fan of the sandwich. Thankfully, however, he IS a fan of leftovers- so frequently that is what I pack him for lunch. Last night we had one of Young Son's favorite dinners, cheesy potatoes AKA Trader Joe's Potatoes Au Gratin.

So after dropping Young Son off at school this morning, I thought with pleasure about how happy he will be when he opens his lunch today as I mentally checked off the items that I had packed-

Hot cheesy potatoes packed in pre-heated thermos? Check!
Baggie of freshly washed grapes? Check!
Baggie of Trader Joe's chocolate meringues for dessert? Check!
Utensil for eating said cheesy potatoes? OOPS!

Once again, I forfeit the 'Mother of the Year' award. Sigh...



Llama Momma said...

UGH! I hate it when that happens!

(And btw, I LOVE those"funtainers.")

Sandwiches get old fast! (Like I need to tell you boys have been eating lunch at school for all of two weeks, and your kids have been in school for, oh, TEN years...)

MLove said...

He should be so fortunate to have access to Trader Joe's items---utensil or not.

We wish we had a Trader Joe's here after all the goodies Annie always brings us from the Seattle store.

Love those cookies and the barbecue sauce!