Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hangin' with Peaches...

Teenage Son and Teenage Daughter (along with 30 others from our church) just returned from a 10 day missions trip to inner city LA where they worked with WOW JAM International. This was Teenage Son's first year to participate, but Teenage Daughter was returning for her second time. Last year she hit it off with the WOW JAM founders' daughter. This year she was excited to hang out with her again as they worked in inner-city neighborhoods like Watts and South Central.

"Her" being the daughter (who shall remain unnamed!) of Stephen and Linda Tavani. Linda Tavani AKA Peaches. As in Peaches and Herb. As in 'Reunited' and 'Shake Your Groove Thing' Peaches.

This Peaches.

Stephen and Linda have a phenomenal ministry. And not only did Teenage Son and Teenage Daughter get to hang out with some cool people from all over CA, but they got to serve. They set up tents, passed out water bottles, canvased neighborhoods, prayed with folks, prayed over folks, and met some needs. They changed some lives.

And I think they might have come home just a little changed as well.


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Anonymous said...

well God is so Good all the time God Bless you and your family, we really enjoyed the wow jam celebration . were looking forward to it going next year
much prayers, love and blessings sending your way