Monday, July 7, 2008

Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst...

Last Sunday we passed out 200 bottles of dirty water to our congregation as prayer reminders. Recipients were asked to place the bottle where they will see it daily as a reminder to pray for the Africa teams that will be traveling to Tanzania this month. Unfortunately- I can't give each of you a bottle- so I present to you this bloggy bottle of dirty water.

Dirty water like the river water that young girls are sent to fetch for their families. Water that animals have pooped or even died in; people have washed laundry in; and others have bathed in.

Dirty water like the stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. Mosquitoes that transmit malaria and kill African children and adults daily.

Our Haydom Team (LeeAnn T, Jim T, John B, Robert H, Robin Z, Mike C, and David P) departs on Wednesday, July 9th and arrives in Tanzania Saturday evening, July 11th. We will travel via Land Cruiser to the remote area of Haydom where we will spend our time building a school, teaching a three day seminar in the local church, and ministering to the remote Bariki tribe. This trip is vitally important as young girls in the village have been recently molested as they go to the river to fetch water for their families. The school project includes a water source, so that girls will not only receive an education- but can bring fresh, clean water home to their families at the end of the school day. Team members return home on Wednesday, July 23rd.

Our Zanzibar Team (LeeAnn T, John B, Robert H, Robin Z, Willis C, June W, Phyllis R, and Sheila H) departs on Thursday, July 24th and arrives in Tanzania Saturday afternoon, July 26th. We will then fly to the islands of Pemba and Zanzibar where we will share God's love through a malaria clinic ministry. 99% of the population of these islands follow fundamentalist Islam, so open preaching of the Gospel is forbidden. But, thousands of women and children will pass through these clinics where receive malaria screening, treatment, education, and mosquito nets, and LOVE. Team members return home on Thursday, August 7th.

Several team members, including myself, will minister with both teams- and will return with the Zanzibar team in August. Thus- I will be away from bloggy land for a whole month... I will have cell phone access, however- and hope to post regular updates via twitter. Follow our updates via Twitter at .

In the meantime asante sana and karibu!


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Llama Momma said...

Hey -- I think I know some of those people!!

What an incredible think you're doing. Safe travels, my friend.