Saturday, June 14, 2008


I remember summertime when I was growing up. Summertime meant sleeping in; lazy days spent on the lake; riding bikes across town for an ice cream; and small town, North Idaho, 4th of July celebrations... Now I admit that I probably don't remember everything- and it might not have been as idyllic as I recall. But there is definitely one thing that I remember clearly- it was never busy.

Now of course, I don't live in North Idaho today- I've been here in the Silicon Valley for 19 years and things are different here. And by 'different' I mean BUSY.

Busy with a capital B.

We're kicking off summer vacation this weekend- and today's schedule seems to typify what the rest of our summer looks like. Hello? Am I the only one who thinks it's just plain wrong that I just used the words 'schedule' and 'summer' in the same sentence?!! Anyway... Today is busy. One birthday party, two graduation parties, a few last minute Father's Day details to attend to, and some grocery shopping to do.

And the rest of the summer doesn't look much better.

Now don't get me wrong, our family is doing some great things this summer. Things like missions trips to inner city LA and Africa. Those two trips will be amazing and life-changing. But somehow, I can't help but wish for those summertime days when all I had to look forward to was floating on the lake in an inner tube and wishing that I had something to do.

I just wish that I could say that now...


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