Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doing justice to FrazzMom...

I was driving my carpool yesterday morning and one of my contacts was driving me crazy. I was waiting in my carpoolee's driveway yeah, I know that's not a word- I just made it up! Anyway, while waiting for my carpoolee to come out, I took the offending lens out to see what was going on. Seeing what looked like lint on the edge of the lens- I attempted to wipe the lint off. It wasn't lint however, but a tear- and my wiping motion tore the lens in half.

Having recently used the spare set of lenses that I usually keep in the car (I wear the daily disposable kind), I drove the rest of my route alternating between scrunching my lens-less eye closed and seeing double. Note to self- go put spare lenses in the glove box... After 20 minutes or so, I started getting a headache from the scrunching so I grabbed my first aide kit from the glove box and created a makeshift eye patch with a large Band-Aid. Amused by my comical appearance, I snapped this photo with my cell phone and sent it to J's phone.

J called me moments later and after explaining to him why I had a large Band-Aid on my eye, he asked You're not going to put that picture on your blog are you?

Why not? I responded.

Ummm.... Brief pause... It just doesn't do you justice.

I have to say- that man is fast on his feet!

And of course now I just had to post the photo, because after showing you all my dirty kitchen floor- I really have no shame.


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hockeygirl said...

How funny. I saw the picture before I read what you wrote and was like, "oh my goodness, what happened to her eye?!" glad it is okay!