Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checkstand three is now open!

Last week I ran into an acquaintance at a local establishment. We chatted for over an hour as I caught up on her life (it has been several years since I saw her last). While we talked- I recognized in her that desperate need for adult interaction only seen in mothers of young children.

And I remembered.

I remember those days when my only conversationalists were preschoolers and my deepest conversation of the day was about Thomas or Dora.

I remember when going to the grocery store alone was a treat. And I remember how much I enjoyed chatting with the checkout clerk while she rang up my groceries... I also remember the expression on her face when my groceries were bagged and paid for and the next customer in line was kept waiting- while I, oblivious, kept talking. It was the expression that said Okay- nice talking to you, but now it's time to move along! And even though her expression said it for her, she kindly wished me a nice day as she moved on to her next customer. Perhaps she was remembering those days as well...

So, while I didn't really have an hour to spare last week, I enjoyed our chat. As an added benefit, maybe I helped to temporarily meet that need for adult conversation for a fellow mom.

Checkout clerks can thank me later.


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John-Michael said...

I just felt life's 'conveyor belt STOP ... and a gem of wisdom; a pearl of insight and gentle caring and love was revealed to all of the Harried and Hurried. Very nicely done!