Monday, December 3, 2007

A whole lotta' prayin' going on

Well- it's official. Teenage Son turned 15 1/2 today. He is now old enough to get his learner's permit! (My good friend, Llama Momma, is freaking out right now since she was at the hospital with us the day he was born...)

So yesterday I logged onto and signed him up for online driver's ed. He has 15 units to complete at about 15 mintues per unit and then we can go down to the DMV to apply for his permit. Six short hours of driving instruction and 6 months of practice with Mom and Dad later- and he will be on the road.


It's pretty exciting. And a little bit scary. I'm not too worried about how Teenage Son will drive, since he is a very straight and narrow kind of kid. He is usually the one telling me to turn the music down, or that I shouldn't talk on my cell phone while I drive. I'm more worried about other drivers on the road...

Even scarier, I know that this is just the first big step of his future independence... Driver's license. College. Career. Marriage. All involve decisions that he will have to make without me. Oh, I might have some input, but ultimately he will decide and bear the consequences. All I will be able to do is sit back and watch.

And pray. A whole lot of praying...