Monday, September 17, 2007

From Ethiopia to the South Pole...

Since I know you're all on pins and needles- wanting to know about our Ethiopian dinner last night... The official word is yummy (and yes, that is the technical term!). And in spite of my fears, there was plenty of food as well. The food is presented in traditional Ethiopian fashion- on one large round platter in the center of the table which everyone eats off of. You eat with your hands using the spongy flat bread called indira to scoop it up.

At the end of the evening, I made a reservation for our Africa team for next Saturday. It's somewhat of a tradition that we have dinner together as a group, along with spouses etc, before going on an overseas trip. It should be a nice time of team bonding before we embark on what will be a very busy two weeks working in malaria clinics in Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam, and Ikwirriri village. It's hard to believe that it's coming up so quickly- less than two weeks before we leave!

Today kicks off the beginning of parent aiding at Young Son's school as well. So far this year, I've had it pretty easy- just dropping off and picking up. I'll be aiding on Monday's this year from 10:30-3:05. As much as I enjoy working with the kids- I was enjoying my 'vacation'. On the other hand, it will be good to get back and connect with the classroom community.

Last week Young Son came home from school and told me that they had met their first classroom visitor that day. Evidently one of the families in our class has a friend who works at the South Pole. She came to visit the class and brought all her layers of clothes that they wear down there. Kids got to try everything on and she told them all about what it's like to work as a researcher at the bottom of the world.

Young Son is thinking that maybe Grandma L could come to the classroom when she is here at the end of the month. He thinks she could talk about her exciting job. I'm sure she'll have to problem making North Idaho nursing sound just as exciting as research at the South Pole!

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