Friday, July 27, 2007


As part of our big cleaning/reorganizing project in our garage we're putting up these big storage units. Today I made my 5th trip to Ikea in the last two weeks and J and I bought the last set of storage units (we're putting up 2 sets altogether)....

So after finding them in the Ikea warehouse, getting the massively, heavy boxes off of the warehouse racks and onto our flatbed cart and maneuvering them through the store. We paid for everything, loaded it all in the back of our SUV and drove it all home- where we then proceeded to unload it all...

That's when we discovered that we had bought the wrong doors. OK, I thought- so we'll just get everything else put together and tomorrow I'll go exchange the doors.

J started opening the box for the frame of the unit and unpacking the pieces. After all the pieces were unpacked and leaned up against the wall, it hit me.

We bought the wrong units. They are supposed to be 93 inches tall. These are 79.

I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal- after all it's just a garage, but trust me (and I can't give you all the details yet). It is a big deal.

So I just called my good friend, and fellow Ikea lover, L- and we're heading back to Ikea. Again...

Hopefully, this will be the last trip for awhile. After all I do like Ikea, but I've been there so much lately that I'm starting to recognize the employees by name.

It might be Ikea overload.

So L and I made it back to Ikea and it was as painless as I could have hoped for (we even had time to stop in the Ikea restaurant for coffee and dessert!)... Someone offered to help us unload the storage units and Ikea took them back without any problems. We found the correct ones (and they were in stock!) and a helpful Ikea employee helped us get them off the warehouse racks- and onto our cart. Another helpful employee loaded them into my SUV, and we got them home and unloaded without any further incident. J is going to put them together in the morning and then our project will be almost finished!

J arose early this morning to assemble the remaining storage units. Midway through the process he came and woke me up (at 7:30am) to inform me that once again, I had bought the wrong pieces.
So later in the morning, we returned to Ikea. I was so frustrated with the whole project- not with Ikea, but with myself for buying the wrong pieces (not just once, but twice)!
But in the end, we did get the correct sizes. It's all installed now and looks great. I'll get some pictures posted soon and let you all know what the project is!

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