Tuesday, July 24, 2007

100 things...

My friend and occasional co-worker Hockeygirl has posted her "100 things about me" list. I've been kicking this around for a while, but thought I would wait until my 100th post to put it up.

But her list has inspired me... So I'm going to live in the moment! Take the bull by the horns! Seize the day!

So here you have it (drumroll please....) 100 Things about Me…

1. I was born in Seattle, WA
2. I am an only child
3. My middle name is also the name of a baseball stadium
4. My first name is in honor of my mom's best friend in high school
5. She was killed in a car accident while they were still in high school
6. My mom was in the car accident as well
7. I lived in the Seattle area until 3rd grade
8. We moved a lot when I was little
9. 3 days into 3rd grade, we moved to Sandpoint in North Idaho
10. When we moved to Sandpoint, I started at my 5th new school
11. We still moved a lot, but stayed in the same town
12. Because it was such a small town, I didn’t have to change schools anymore
13. When we moved to Sandpoint, I went to Farmin Elementary
14. For 7th grade, I went to Stidwell Jr High
15. I went to a private Christian school for 8th and 9th grade
16. When that school closed, I transferred to Sandpoint High School
17. I graduated in 1987
18. In 1988, I went to Montana State University in Bozeman
19. I majored in film and television production
20. College was a disaster
21. I dropped out after finishing my freshman year
22. After dropping out, I went back to Sandpoint and worked at a nursing home
23. It was the worst job ever
24. I changed a lot of diapers there
25. The diapers were not on cute, cuddly babies
26. After less than a year, I decided to apply for a job as a nanny
27. On the application I said that I would move anywhere but California
28. I thought California was full of nuts
29. My first offer was from a family in California
30. I took the job
31. I love living in California
32. At 19 years old, I drove myself to California
33. I liked being a nanny
34. I still changed a lot of diapers
35. At least the diapers were on toddlers
36. I was a nanny for a Stanford professor’s family
37. While working as a nanny, I met my future husband at church
38. We still go to the same church
39. We got married less than two years after we met
40. I quit my nanny job before we got married
41. I got a new job at an upscale children’s clothing catalog company
42. I liked that job too
43. My husband is 8 years older than me
44. He looks younger than me
45. I was 22 when I got married
46. I quit my job to be a stay at home mom
47. I am still a (mostly) stay at home mom
48. I like being a stay at home mom
49. Our first son was born shortly after our 1st anniversary
50. Our daughter was born two years later
51. In 1995 I went on my first mission trip to Bucharest, Romania
52. At the end of the trip we spent 3 days in Rome
53. I crashed a Moped in Rome
54. I crashed it twice- in the same day
55. I had to pay for damages to the Moped
56. I was not wearing a helmet
57. I was OK
58. It was the first ever “LeeAnn Story”
59. There is a “LeeAnn Story” every time I travel
60. Our last child was born in 1997
61. In 2000 my husband and I traveled to Israel and Europe
62. The first day of the trip there was another “LeeAnn Story”
63. I threw up all over myself on a tour bus in Israel
64. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life
65. People still tease me about it
66. Fortunately, I have a good sense of humor
67. I think Germany looks like North Idaho
68. Except for the architecture
69. I take lots of pictures of buildings in Europe
70. I can’t get over how “European” they look
71. I am not ditzy
72. Except when I take pictures of European architecture
73. In 2001 we bought our first house
74. We were able to buy it because we were picked in a lottery
75. We still live in that house
76. I would like to live in a bigger house
77. We live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the US
78. We won’t be moving into a bigger house
79. My younger kids go to a parent-participation school
80. I put in a lot of hours at the school
81. I also spend a lot of time driving back and forth
82. I am now the mother of two teenagers
83. I cannot believe that I am old enough to have a son who is in high school
84. I don’t have any trouble believing that my husband is old enough, however
85. In 2004, I took my oldest son on a mission trip to Tanzania
86. There was a “LeeAnn Story” then too
87. I was pulled for special customs screening on the flight home
88. Because of the extra time in customs, my son and I missed our connection
89. The rest of our mission team returned on time
90. We arrived many hours and two flights later
91. I returned to Tanzania with my daughter in 2006
92. That “LeeAnn Story” happened when getting off the plane in Amsterdam
93. I switched carry-on bags with another passenger
94. I discovered the switch during our layover
95. We were able to switch bags back
96. That was good because the other passenger had cruise tickets in his bag
97. I am going back to Tanzania this fall
98. On our trip this fall we will be setting up and running malaria clinics
99. I am learning Swahili
100.I hope there will be no "LeeAnn Story" this fall


hockeygirl said...

College was a disaster?? Now that sounds like a story I would like to hear!

MLove said...


I put a comment to you on my blog, but the cybergods ate it. So, here's a second try. Glad you posted on slightdetour; now when ya gonna sign up for www.sandpointhigh.com. You'll find me and my email addresses there, so join the crowd.

It was great seeing your mom the other day. She looks wonderful. I've also enjoyed skimming through your blog.