Saturday, May 26, 2007

It all seemed so simple...

It all seemed so simple this morning… After debating our list of possibilities for how to spend our day, we decided to take the kids to see Shrek 3. Only at my house could a simple trip to the movies be so complicated:

10:00 We decide to see Shrek 3, and I purchase tickets in advance, online- in case movie sells out (at an extra $1 per ticket)

10:30 Teenage Son informs me that he doesn’t want to see Shrek 3, could he see Pirates of the Carribbean World’s End instead?

10:35 After conferring with Husband, we agree that yes, Teenage Son and the neighbor boy, “G” can go to Pirates.

11:00 I drive Teenage Son to the mall where the brand new AMC theater just opened so that he can purchase two tickets to the 1:50 showing of Pirates with the movie vouchers that he has had since Christmas. While Teenage Son runs in to buy his tickets, I decide to go to the bank to get cash for the movie later. Of course, when I arrive there- I discover that I don’t have my ATM card on me, so I have to go inside- where there is a long line… Meanwhile Teenage Son is finished at the mall and calls me every two minutes to see where I am.

11:30 After picking up Teenage Son, we stop for pearl tea on the way home- just to make the trip worthwhile.

12:00 Since we now have an extra ticket to Shrek- Young Son asks if he can bring a friend as well. I call said friend’s mom and leave messages on both home and cell voice mails to see if friend, “B” can come to the movie.

1:00 I take Teenage Son and G to drop them off at the theater to see Pirates which will get out the same time as Shrek (which doesn’t start until 3:00).

1:00-1:20 I drive around mall after dropping boys off to find a decent parking spot. This is a challenge since ½ the mall is currently undergoing renovations- including the parking lots…

1:20 I sit in car and read while other cars circle me like sharks- the driver’s of which obviously think I’m leaving. Ha!

1:50 B’s mom calls to say that, Yes- B would love to come to the movie. She will come drop him off to me in the parking lot.

2:00 I run into theater to print tickets from machine, while waiting for Husband and other kids to arrive.

2:05 I return to car to wait, exciting all the circling sharks who now really think I’m leaving

2:15 Husband calls from his cell phone to let me know that he has arrived with Teenage Daughter and Young Son. I go back into mall to give them their tickets. Husband and Teenage Daughter go into theater to save seats while Young Son stays with me.

2:17 Young Son and I return to car to wait for B, again exciting the sharks who are now working themselves into a full blown feeding frenzy.

2:17-2:45 Young Son asks “Where is B” every 30 seconds while we wait…

2:45 B arrives. I touch base with his mom, promising to return him after the movie. We go inside theater and get in popcorn line.

2:55 After spending only $23.50 for two kids packs (small popcorn, small soda and a candy), a small diet coke, and a nacho. We go inside theater. I deliver kids to husband then go to the bathroom before movie starts. I notice that it’s a good thing we spent the extra money to purchase tickets in advance- since the theater is less than ½ full…

3:00 I return to my seat and am informed that Young Son has spilled his heavily buttered popcorn on the floor. I take popcorn bag and exit theater to get back in popcorn line.

3:05 After standing in line again, and informing concession worker of Young Son’s mishap- AMC is kind enough to replace spilled without charging me (I guess they can afford it in spite of the slim profit margin on my original purchase)…

3:10 I return to theater and sit down to enjoy my $7.50 nachos (consisting of some chips and a ¼ cup container of “cheeze”) and the movie.

4:40 Much-enjoyed movie ends. We exit theater, (managing not to slip on the now-buttery floor) to reunite with Teenage Son and G.

5:00 Husband, Teenage Daughter, Teenage Son, and G return home. Young Son comes with me to take B home. I call B’s mom to get directions since I have only been to their house once before and my brain is now fried due to end-of-the-school year exhaustion. Mom doesn’t answer phone, so I call her cell- again no answer. We start driving in general direction while I try calling Husband (who doesn't answer) to have him mapquest street name (B doesn’t know his entire address).

5:10 I try calling B’s mom again, she answers and gives me directions.

5:15 B is dropped off, and Young Son and I drive away as he declares to me “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” all the way home... I inform him that “boring is good” and wish that I could say the same!


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Frazzmom said...

LM- ...You know, I was just starting to think about losing the "Frazzmom" identity and updgrading to something more mature. Evidently, not yet!

Llama Momma said...

With two teenagers and a "tween" in your house? Keep the Frazzmom at least a few more years. ;-)