Thursday, September 11, 2008

WFMW Round-Up Thursday

Last week I posted a WFMW round-up. Since I got such a positive response I decided to do it again, and possibly make it a regular feature. As I said last week, I did not read every post and this is in no way a definitive list of the best WFMW tips. They're are just a few that caught my eye...

Mr P at Where the Kudzu Grows wrote a post with a great Disney World tip. As a Disney Vacation Club owner- I'll definitely be checking this one out before our next trip!

Sarah at Blue Castle posted a new use for bed risers. Not sure if/when I'll use this tip since I hate to sew, but if I ever need to heighten my kitchen table, this is the trick I'll use!

Kristen at PAJAMAMAMA posted a great tip for renewing white grout. And really, how cute is that blog name?!! Anyway- I do have lots of grout in my house. While the magic eraser does a pretty good job, some it is just too far gone. So I'll be trying this one out first hand!

Heather at It's all for the best posted a good tip for packing those endless sack lunches...

Robin at Penseive posted a reading tip. This would be a good one to pass on to any students living in your house as well... Ahem, if you happen to be reading this, Teenage Son and Teenage Daughter...

Tami at Tami's Blog posted a great resource for teaching handwriting to kids. While this is primarily a homeschooling blog, I can attest that the program she is advocating is fabulous since Young Son's school uses it to teach handwriting. If you have kids learning manuscript or cursive, it would be worth investing in these books for extra practice at home!

If you don't already know about SKYPE, check out this post at Motherhood For Dummies. It's definitely something you need to know about if you make a lot of long distance especially if they're overseas!

Polly at Perfectly Provident tells how to make your own spice and baking mixes. This would be an especially great tip if you have folks with allergies etc in your household.

If you're trying to keep calories in check, check out this tip at Runningamuk on portion control. I especially like that it's easy- which makes it a whole lot do-able, and likely to be actually put into practice!

Last, but not least, Jane at What About Mom reminds us to pick our battles. And while I might choose different battles than she does, it's definitely a good reminder for us moms on the front lines!

And speaking of which, it's back to the battle for me!


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