Saturday, August 16, 2008

Banking blunders...

Teenage Son is the miser of the family. Seriously, he has quite a wad of cash saved up- birthday money, babysitting money, lunch money (obviously NOT spent on it's intended purpose), etc.

Today I needed to go down the hill to our local Lucky grocery store, so Teenage Son tagged along. He brought his wad so that he could use the in-store branch of our family's banking institution to make a deposit while I shopped.

I was finishing up my shopping when he came to find me in the store-

Did it go OK?

I deposited my check from Grandma and my cash, but they wouldn't take my pennies or nickels.


They said they don't take them.

Even though they're rolled and you wrote your account number on the rolls?


I was mildly annoyed- knowing that he had gone to all the trouble of counting and rolling $9.50 worth of pennies and nickels so I took his coins and approached the bank teller after paying for my groceries... I was ready for a confrontation. I had my game face on. And I had two lines ready in my head-

Line 1 Last time I checked coins were still considered legal tender, so you need to deposit these!

And the even more confrontational, line 2-

If this is how you treat your customers, we'll be taking our family's banking elsewhere!

So I approached the teller and explained to her that Teenage Son needed to deposit the rolls of coins. No problem, she replied smiling as she made the deposit for him.

What? No confrontation? I don't even get to use either of my lines?!!

OK, now here is where I have to admit however, that it was not one of my most Christ-like moments. And had I gotten to use one of my lines, it probably would not have been pretty. Thankfully, the Lord stepped in and pre-empted me. Again!

Now on a side note- I do think they weren't going to take his coins because he is a teenager, and that does annoy me. But that's probably a whole other post! Should I call the bank and complain or just let it go? What would you do?


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C's Page said...

No need to call, the end goal was accomplished and a phone call will just get your blood pressure elevated. Banking institutes are a machine and we just have to let them steam roll over us. Not that I'm bitter or anything.