Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Sur or bust!

My good friend L and I are a little bit crazy. Crazy as in we-have-eight-kids-between-us-and-we-regularly-take-them-on-trips-by-ourselves crazy. For the last 5 years we have gone camping. Yes, you read it right... 2 moms. Eight kids. Camping. I bet you're just dying to be the family in the campsite next to us, right?!! We've also gone to Disneyland and on several assorted road trips.

Today we're leaving on a short, overnight adventure. Instead of our usual big camping trip to Big Sur, we're doing a day of floating and swimming in the river. Then we'll head into Monterey tonight and stay at the local family-friendly mega-chain hotel. Tomorrow we'll spend the day at the aquarium and then head back home...

It'll be quick, but fun. And just to show how crazy we really are like 8 kids aren't already enough we're bringing an extra friend along. So make that 2 moms and 9 kids...

Yeah, we might be a little crazy after all!


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Genny said...

Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but SO much fun! I bet the kids love it.