Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still known as FrazzMom...

My email account has developed an annoying habit. I have discovered that emails (sent from my laptop or our PC) are being labeled as sent, when in fact they are not. And since it seems to be happening with some frequency- I've finally resigned myself to that fact that I need to change email addresses... It should be simple- after all it's just a matter of setting up a new Gmail account and then sending an email letting folks know...

But somehow, it just hasn't been that simple.

It seems that I've developed some sort of an emotional attachment to my old email address. After all, we've been together for over 8 years. And while it was not my first email address- I still feel like it is part of my identity. It's my frazzmom@emailprovider.com email address. My new email address is boring- just a random group of letters followed by dotgmail. It feels like part of FrazzMom is dying. And in a sense, it's true.

After all, I'm not really frazzled like I was when my kids were little and I first adopted my FrazzMom moniker. Sure life is busy and things get crazy- but it's not the same. Nowadays if I'm sleep deprived it's probably because I stayed up too late watching a movie or reading- not because I was up with little ones.

I guess what I'm really coming to terms with is that I'm not the same FrazzMom that I used to be because my kids are growing up. And while most days, that is a good thing- I can't help but feel a little wistful... So for now, I may not have a FrazzMom email address, but FrazzMom the blog is staying.


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