Thursday, April 17, 2008

Livin' the Suite Life...

As I mentioned last night- we are once again in Anaheim. And for the second time, we are staying at our new-favorite-Disneyland-area-hotel... We started our day with a hot breakfast at the hotel. Evidently, Young Son was carb-loading in anticipation of a busy day. That would be donuts, pancakes, potatoes and bacon on his plate. Oh and a cup of hot chocolate to wash it all down-

After breakfast, we headed to park where we started our day at California Adventure. Starting with Soarin', we hit the whole park and did all our favorite rides. After lunch, we did the roller coaster and finished up with the character drawing class at the Animation Studios-

I've taken this class many times and my characters never look even remotely close to the desired result. This time, however, I think I did OK-


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