Friday, February 22, 2008

I may have just a few new gray hairs...

As I mentioned yesterday- Teenage Son is now officially learning how to drive. He has completed an on-line drivers ed course; taken 6 hours of private, behind-the-wheel driving instruction; and passed the written exam for his learner's permit...

All that's left now is 50 hours of driving practice with Mom and Dad.

So today we went out for 1/2 hour, so that I could see how he was doing. It started out a little shaky (his practice lessons were in a small car, but today he was driving an SUV), but got better once he got used to the size of the vehicle. We started by cruising around our neighborhood, then drove to Wendy's for lunch. Since we live in an urban area this involved manuvering around cyclists and buses, navigating multi-lane roads, and dealing with other drivers. We did get passed a few times and got honked at once for driving under the speed limit- but frankly I was really OK with that!

We've got six months left until he can get his license... So it's 1/2 hour down only 49 1/2 to go!


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