Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chevys Redeemed

After our Chevys debacle on Christmas Day. I returned this evening with my friend, L, my three kids, and two of hers... We settled in at two, adjacent tables (moms at one, kids at another) and placed our orders.

Since we were getting free meals- the kids all ordered off the adult menu. And let me tell you- they went all out! Teenage Son ordered the mixed grill, Teenage Daughter went for crab enchiladas, and Young Son ordered achiote shrimp. L's teen aged daughter ordered shrimp fajitas to split with mom and L's son J ordered steak fajitas. Of course the kids ordered sodas all around as well!

I have to say- Chevys more than made up for their inconsistencies at our last visit... Of course I know that we were 'red flagged' when we came in since I arrived bearing a letter from the manager containing an apology and the meal vouchers. But our food was great and the service was so good that L and I had to laugh at one point. It was obvious that every server had been instructed to check on us as we constantly had someone attending to our every need. (I wonder what the folks at the tables around us were thinking?)

When the bill arrived, L and I split the balance and paid $28.00 each for the desserts (for the kids) and coffees (for the moms) we ordered at the end of the meal (oh and there were a couple of margaritas in there somewhere too!). Included in that balance also, was the $20.00 tip we left (we tipped on the cost of the meal not what we actually paid). In the end it turned out that we got $108.00 of free meals!

Now if only I could figure out how to make it work like that all the time...


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