Sunday, December 16, 2007

The theology of 10 year olds...

Jesus is like a sock.

These immortal words were uttered by Young Son as we left the movie theater this evening. After I asked him to explain this spiritual mystery he went on to tell me about the video they watched in Children's Church today.

There was a boy named Johnny who's grandmother gave him a ticket to Disneyland for his Christmas gift every year. One year, instead of what he was expecting, he received a Christmas stocking. Jesus is like that, Young Son went on to say... People expected him to come as a mighty warrior and strong ruler. They expected him to conquer their enemies. Instead he was born in a stable. He was not what people expected.

I'm glad that Jesus didn't come to conquer. Because, in order to conquer- someone has to be conquered. Defeated. Jesus doesn't defeat, He loves- and His love is universal and eternal.

That's the best gift of all.

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