Thursday, December 13, 2007

Of essential oils and freezing nose hairs...

I keep seeing commercials for this product and each time I wonder, just what does 'glistening snow' (with essential oils!) smell like? After all, I lived in North Idaho for the majority of my formative years and when I think of snow, no specific smell comes to mind.
A specific sensation does come to mind however...

That would be the sensation of all your nose hairs freezing when you inhale deeply along with stabbing pains in your lungs as the freezing air hits.

But I digress...

So anyway- I've been looking for the candle, because my inquiring mind wanted to know- just how do you get essential oils out of snow? And of course, I couldn't find it anywhere... Until today. I was walking through Target buying baggies and TP and there it was- right on the end of the aisle- and on sale! So I can now officially report to you exactly what glistening snow smells like.

It smells like pine trees and gingerbread- without the annoying nose hair freezing and stabbing lung pains.

So all in all, I'd say it's good.

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