Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some fluffing required...

We finally caved in... Since our favorite Christmas tree 'farm' in Mountain View is gone (Johnson Farm across from El Camino Hospital) we bought an artificial tree at Costco. The 7 1/2 foot tree came in a 4 foot tall box with some assembly required written on the outside. It only cost about $50.00 more than the live noble firs we have bought in the past. But, I do have to admit that it was a little disconcerting to open the box and find this notice-

J got the tree put together with little difficulty, but it didn't look near as nice as it had at Costco. Looking at the directions again, I read that you need to fluff the branches. Since the tree is stuffed into such a small box, the branches come out quite smooshed (and yes, smooshed is the technical term). Fluffing transforms each branch from this-

To this-

After an hour or so of fluffing, here is the overall effect-

Not too bad. Of course when we take the tree down, we'll have to smoosh it all back into that box... I'm not going to think about that now tho'.

I do have to admit that I miss the smell of a real tree. What I do not miss, however, is the mess from bringing it home and having to crawl under the tree each day to water it. And even tho' it took a while to fluff- it was still less work than wrestling with strings of lights!

And I can always buy a pine scented candle at Target...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your description of putting up your Christmas tree. Thanks.
A former El Camino Hospital employee

hockeygirl said...

how have the cats reacted to the tree so far?

Frazzmom said...


Initially they tried to chew on the branches, but now they've gotten used to it and are leaving it alone. Of course that will probably change when we actually start putting ornaments on! (I wanted to to see how they reacted to the tree first...)