Sunday, November 4, 2007

MOTY Award... It's in the bag!

If you had ambitions of being named "Mother of the Year", I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but you are so out of the running... I've got it in the bag. What it is, you might ask, that has me feeling so cocky? I have just two words for you, my friend...

Hannah Montana

Yes, the current Disney pop princess/daughter of Achy Breaky Heart crooner Billy Ray Cyrus came to town today- and we had tickets. Nothing short of miraculous tickets, since the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds tour with opening act The Jonas Brothers sold out the HP Pavilion in San Jose in mere minutes. With J online and myself on the phone with Ticketmaster, we were able to snag 3, lower level seats for the bargain basement price of $66.00 each. Considering the fact that local newscasts have reported that tickets are going for thousands of dollars each on EBay this week- I think we got off cheap. At least on the seats, that is- the real costs all started to add up when we got to the show, where the official tour T-shirts were going for $30-$55 dollars apiece.

Yes, I said up to $55.00 for a child's T-shirt. And you'd better believe that they were lined up out the door to buy them.

"They" meaning me, since we were in that line too. One Jonas Brothers tour shirt for Young Son ($30.00), a tour program ($20.00) and a lanyard for Teenage Daughter ($15.00), parking ($20.00!!!), one large soda (we shared) and one popcorn later and another $100.00 was gone.

Now, I don't normally buy into the materialism that is so rampant in the Silicon Valley- but in this case, it was all worth it. After all there aren't many times I get to hear my 13 year old daughter tell me- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are the best!!!

And on top of that it was a pretty rockin' show...

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