Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was like Nerdapalooza... And we loved it!

Last night was the sold out Mythbusters event at DeAnza College. Basically it was a lecture with Adam and Jamie of local-Bay area-mythbusting fame talking about the show, showing some never aired clips, and answering questions.

And no- nothing was blown up. But it was fun anyway...

It was also the largest assemblage of nerds and future nerds that I have ever been in. Because this is after all the Silicon Valley- nerd central. There were computer nerds, engineer nerds, aging nerds, college student nerds- it was endless... As we waited for the show to start, I looked around at the crowd around us and pondered this vital question-

Just what do you call hippie/nerds? Are they Nerppies? Herds?

I of course not a nerd (as established by my lack of mathematical talent)- although I do have a slightly geeky side that I keep hidden deep inside... I mean, just because I can do this without even thinking about it, doesn't mean anything- right?

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