Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Grease- the original High School Musical?"

I just finished watching Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor... I thoroughly enjoyed it- even though it took me three sittings to watch it all the way through. I kept getting interrupted by those people who live in my home- oh yeah, that would be my family. It's one of those movies, however, where you really need to pay attention to the dialog, so if you have noisy children (and are there any other kind?) you might want to farm them out for the evening before watching...

Anyway, back to my original thought- Grease. I turned off the DVD player and discovered that Grease is showing on Nick at Night.

Upon seeing it, Young Son declared, "Hey it's the original High School Musical

Me, "You mean Grease?"

Y.S. "Yeah- it's the original High School Musical" (They do say kids learn by repetition- right?)

Cut to the cafeteria scene at the beginning of the movie

Y.S. "Who are those guys?"

Me "They're the T-birds. It's like a club" (I'm not really going into the gang definition yet...)

Y.S. "They're the bad guys and one falls in love with the new girl, right?"

And how exactly does my 10 year old son know the plot of Grease?!!

I remember seeing Grease in 4th grade. I had the album and sang along to all the songs in my room on my record player... And I had no idea what any of those songs were about. Not too many years ago, the national stage production of Grease came through town. Since J and I both had fond memories of the movie, we got tickets to the show and went to see it. I have to say- I didn't remember there being so much sex in the plot, I guess that at 10 years old it was just over my head.

High School Musical might be cliche', formulaic, and over marketed- but it's also squeaky clean and frankly, the songs are pretty catchy... It's definitely family friendly viewing.

So now they're calling Grease "the original HSM" and marketing it to a whole new generation? Sorry, I don't think so.

I think we'll just turn the TV off...

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