Monday, July 16, 2007

Childless by Choice (at least temporarily)

It's freezing in here. Seriously. The air conditioner in my hotel room is turned up as high and as cold as it will go. And after a week of camping in high heat- I'm loving it!

I realized last night that I forgot to tell you the best part about my stay here, in Grant's Pass (sorry, I was not getting up out of bed to edit my blog. You all just had to wait!).


There are no kids with me!


I am childless.

For two weeks that is...

One of the main reasons that I went camping with my family last week, was to deliver my kids to my parents- Poppy and Grandma L. They are taking Teenage Son, Teenage Daughter, and Young Son home to Idaho for two weeks. Sometime at the end of July, we'll put all three kids on a plane in Spokane and fly them home. This is something we've done every summer since the kids were old enough to fly solo. They look forward to this time every year, and I think it's great for them to get a taste of living in small-town America; away from the Silicon Valley.

Some years, J and I, have used our two weeks of freedom to travel. Some years, J has just gone to work as usual and I've stayed home and enjoyed the peace and quiet. This year we're going to spend the next two weeks working on a major cleaning and re-organization project at home.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I am a stay at home mom by choice. But I look forward to these two weeks all year... The house stays clean. There is hardly any laundry. J and I can actually have uninterrupted conversations.

And did I mention that there are no kids?


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Anonymous said...

childless for 2 wks? lets go out for wienerschnitzel again! lilyo