Monday, July 2, 2007

And the report is...

Teenage Daughter returned today from an outreach to LA with WOW JAM International... When I asked her what her favorite moment was, she related this story:

While at the baptism service on Saturday in Santa Monica, Teenage daughter was assigned to accompany a family who had given their hearts to the Lord at one of the WOW JAMs. Along with many others, they had come to be baptised in the ocean. The father told Teenage Daughter that when he was young, he was swimming in the Pacific where he was caught in a riptide and almost drowned. He has been afraid of the ocean ever since, but his fear was now gone- and he has come to be baptised.

It always amazes me to hear what my kids get from these kinds of trips. She spent a week in the crime ridden neighborhoods of South Central, Watts, and Skid Row. By all reports- thousands of people attended each event and this is what she remembers most?

I wonder what I would see if I looked at the world once again through the eyes of a 13 year old girl? Especially one who has yet to really experience how hard the world can be. Maybe a dad who used to be afraid, but isn't anymore isn't as trivial as my mind tends to think.

Maybe it's actually a lot more profound...

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