Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why "Frazzmom"?

Several friends have repeatedly told me that I need a blog. As I've pondered the idea, the big question repeatedly surfaced "What am I going to write and who would want to read it?" I expect a few friends who have moved out of the area to check in periodically to see what my family has been up to, but I'm not sure anyone else is really going to be interested in my thoughts or opinions. (So far I've really sold you on reading this blog haven't I?!!)

So I guess that explaining the "Frazzmom" user name is as good a place to start as any... So let me introduce myself- I am a (mostly) stay at home mom with three kids. Not so unusual, I know, but the kicker is that my husband and I are both only children- so basically the whole sibling thing is a complete mystery to us! While our kids are now getting older (two teenagers and a 10 year old) when they were little- I was pretty frazzled most of the time. We bought our first PC for our home when my oldest was a preschooler and "Frazzmom" pretty much described how I felt most of the time! Not surprisingly, the user name was available for my first (now defunct) e-mail account, and here I am eleven years later- still "Frazzmom". By now it's evolved into more of nickname and less of an identity- but I still have those frazzled days every now and then...

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Llama Momma said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It's nice over on the other side, isn't it? :-)